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beyond advertising
  • Defining the Brand DNA and the Brand IDEA.
  • Have clarity on the Brand Values it wants to build.
  • Develop a Brand Vision to see customers as Brand Ambassadors.
  • Commit the company to the ‘Brand Desire’ brand building methodology.
beyond advertising
  • Develop the Brand MESSAGE keeping in mind the Product & Brand Lifecycle.
  • Develop a communication methodology to reach-talk-interact-gain the customer.
  • Develop the Brand Communication based on the ‘Brand Desire’ methodology.
  • Develop different brand messages and experiences using strengths of different mediums.
beyond advertising
  • Plan the right media mix for an effective reach and interaction with customers.
  • Different messages and experiences need to be delivered through different mediums but translate into one common ‘Brand Value’.
  • Measure the effectiveness of each medium and the messages delivered.
beyond advertising
  • Have a dialogue with the customers to share the ‘brand idea’.
  • Talk with customers to invite them for a relationship which is beyond the product/services.
beyond advertising
  • Provide platforms for interactions with the customers and create newer opportunities of engaging with them.
  • Introduce newer interactions to promote the product need and fuel the Brand Idea.
  • Deliver a Brand Experience that is unique and involving.
beyond advertising
  • Stay connected with the customers to track their needs both tangible and intangible.
  • Develop the relationship and build a happy and loyal customer community.
beyond advertising
  • Win the ‘heart’ of the customers.
  • Win customers not for a sale but as a partner that fulfills their ‘needs’ and ‘desires’ for life long.
  • Using the advantage of ‘Brand Desire’ win over competition and acquire their customers.
beyond advertising
  • Maintaining a loyal customer is better than keep finding new ones.
  • Follow your new Brand Vision to go beyond the traditional formats of product-customer relationship.
  • Go beyond the product and cater the true ‘needs’ of the customer.
  • Work and fulfill intangible desires connected to your product.
  • Convert customers to Brand Ambassadors who will consume, recommend and promote our products from their heart.
beyond advertising
  • Regain customers who have been lost over the past due to competitive advantages.
  • Re-invite customers to experience the new Brand DNA and win them back.
  • This time using the new Brand Desire methodology to WIN the Heart, Mind and Soul of these customers.
  • Gain and Retain them for life as loyal customers.

Love Story: Inspiring India

When a Luxury Hotel lacked an effective Story. We re-positioned ITC Hotels - Luxury Collections gave it a Sustainable and Scalable Love Story.

We crafted the ‘Inspiring India’ Brand Love Story and provided Experiential Advertising as a Solution.

Love Story: Human Body Art

When a Fashion Corporate House wanted to craft it own personality.

We designed the story of ‘Human BODY as an Art piece’. Fashion/ Clothing business is all about draping the body with clothes as art creations.

We used Nude Body as Art Photography to reflect our appreciation of God’s creation - the human body.

Love Story: Love Your Body

When a fast growing lingerie brand approached us to make them more desirable. We helped changed the Brand Personality and Perception to make it a ‘Desirable Brand’.

Bodycare is a leading brand in the mass category within North India market.

Love Story: Slice Pizza Khaya Kya!

When a start-up Italian Fast Food company approached us to brand them.

We helped them Pioneer the ‘Slice Pizza’ product in India with a direct growth of 40+ outlets across India and national tie-up with PVR and Adlabs.

Food Factory is the most Desirable Brand in the Slice Pizza category.

Beyond even designed and fabricated the Retail Stores for Food Factory across the country.

Brand Story: Wear Your Sport

When a Fashion Clothing brand wanted to add sports products. Beyond gave birth to a New Sports Clothing Brand and called it BodyActive.

We crafted the story of how every human has a little sports person within him; no matter whether he plays sports or not.

We narrated the story of ‘Wear Your Sport’ on your body.

Love Story: Nature’s Diet for skin

When a natural soap wanted to appeal to the beauty of the women. We made the story of how ‘Nature’ is the Diet needed for your skin to glow and look younger.

Anuspa Soap went out and marketed 6 natural variants such as AloeVera, Glycerin, Rose, Honey etc.

Love Story: The Holy Bath

When a young soap brand approached us to change their perception of being a ‘Diwali Festival’ Soap to a around-the-year needed soap.

We transformed their soaps into India’s First Divine Bhakti soap which were Animal Fat Free.

We called it ANUVED – a soap that gives you pure and holy bath for a pavitra morning puja. Our story “Puja Se Pehle Pavitra Hojao”

India is rich with its Hindu Culture; all products were inspired and developed keeping a holy attribute of a Hindu God/Goddess. The soaps were blessed with Gangajal and promoted as KHADI association.

Love Story: JH

When Jawed Habib as a Celebrity Brand wanted to evolve as a Corporate Group to develop multiple formats of Salons & Hair & Beauty Product/Solutions. The need was to brand Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd and develop its Brand Extensions.

Beyond designed the new Brand Identity for Jawed Habib as the JH icon.

We structured the business model and designed the identities for all the Brand Extensions.

Love Story: Live it up!

When JH Hair and Beauty Pvt Ltd wanted to create a Luxury Salon. We called it BEVELS.

Beyond helped develop the Brand from birth and defined the Brand Love Story as LIVE IT UP!.

Beyond even designed the Retail Store Personality and the Retail Buying Experience delivered at the store.

Love Story: Yoga for Hair

When JH Hair and Beauty Pvt Ltd wanted to extend itself into a Hair Care solution called Hair Yoga.

Beyond helped develop the Brand from birth and defined the story of ‘Ayurvedic Hair Therapy’ marketed as ‘Yoga for Hair’.

We also developed the retail store design and the retail experience served within the store.

Love Story: Express Yourself

When Jawed Habib wanted to extend itself into the lower segment masses. He designed a No-frills Dry Hair Cut solution priced at Rs. 99

Beyond helped develop the Brand Communication to target the youth who wanted to experience a Jawed Habib brand at an ‘easy-to-pocket’ price point.

With over 400+ outlets across the country it’s the biggest and fastest grown Quick Service Salon of the country.

Brand Story: Hello! Happiness

When a Sleepwear brand wanted to improve its Brand Personality and narrate a Brand Story; we said “Hello! Happiness”.

Sweet Dreams is a Sleep and Home Clothing brand and we believe ‘home’ is the warmest place on earth filled with Love and Happiness.

Beyond crafted the ‘Come Home to Happiness’ brand story with its first phase campaign ‘Hello! Happiness’ capturing the ‘happy’ moments at home.

Love Story: Invest in Land

When a Plot selling company approached us to simplify their offering and convert them into a more organised brand in its business category.

Beyond studied and realized that the business model was a new type of ‘Financial Investment Plan’ rather than a ‘Property/Plot Selling’ business.

We converted this ‘Plot Selling’ company into India’s First ‘Land Investment Expert’ company and marketed land plots as a ‘Land Investment Opportunity’ for future financial needs.

Brand Story: Happy Inside

When a mass women lingerie brand needed a facelift in its personality and wanted a positioning to win over the un-organised players; we helped them with a new brand avatar.

Our story focused on the most important product value a women seeks in a bra, that is ‘Comfort’.

We developed the ‘Happy Inside’ story to market Comfortable Inner Wear to the Indian women. The brand is a leading player in the mass segment of women innerwear sold across 2000+ outlets, Big Bazaar, DMARTS and online.

Brand Story: Made With Love

When a fast growing Sleepwear and Lingerie brand wanted to get its Brand Corrected and get its Brand Positioned; Beyond worked on correcting and redefining the brand.

The brand name already is well known as the iconic day of Love viz. the Valentine’s day. We extended this idea to tell the story of LOVE. We positioned their clothes as objects of love that the company is gifting to its customers. Hence the phrase ‘With Love’ was coined.

Brand Story: Live your life!

When a mass lingerie brand wanted to own a share of the premium lingerie market we gave birth to a new brand DAZZLE a premium women lingerie with international standard products.

We are telling the story of ‘Live Your life’ on your own terms with fashionable innerwear.

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