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  • beyond advertising brand desire video
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beyond advertising
  • Defining the Brand DNA and the Brand IDEA.
  • Have clarity on the Brand Values it wants to build.
  • Develop a Brand Vision to see customers as Brand Ambassadors.
  • Commit the company to the ‘Brand Desire’ brand building methodology.
beyond advertising
  • Develop the Brand MESSAGE keeping in mind the Product & Brand Lifecycle.
  • Develop a communication methodology to reach-talk-interact-gain the customer.
  • Develop the Brand Communication based on the ‘Brand Desire’ methodology.
  • Develop different brand messages and experiences using strengths of different mediums.
beyond advertising
  • Plan the right media mix for an effective reach and interaction with customers.
  • Different messages and experiences need to be delivered through different mediums but translate into one common ‘Brand Value’.
  • Measure the effectiveness of each medium and the messages delivered.
beyond advertising
  • Have a dialogue with the customers to share the ‘brand idea’.
  • Talk with customers to invite them for a relationship which is beyond the product/services.
beyond advertising
  • Provide platforms for interactions with the customers and create newer opportunities of engaging with them.
  • Introduce newer interactions to promote the product need and fuel the Brand Idea.
  • Deliver a Brand Experience that is unique and involving.
beyond advertising
  • Stay connected with the customers to track their needs both tangible and intangible.
  • Develop the relationship and build a happy and loyal customer community.
beyond advertising
  • Win the ‘heart’ of the customers.
  • Win customers not for a sale but as a partner that fulfills their ‘needs’ and ‘desires’ for life long.
  • Using the advantage of ‘Brand Desire’ win over competition and acquire their customers.
beyond advertising
  • Maintaining a loyal customer is better than keep finding new ones.
  • Follow your new Brand Vision to go beyond the traditional formats of product-customer relationship.
  • Go beyond the product and cater the true ‘needs’ of the customer.
  • Work and fulfill intangible desires connected to your product.
  • Convert customers to Brand Ambassadors who will consume, recommend and promote our products from their heart.
beyond advertising
  • Regain customers who have been lost over the past due to competitive advantages.
  • Re-invite customers to experience the new Brand DNA and win them back.
  • This time using the new Brand Desire methodology to WIN the Heart, Mind and Soul of these customers.
  • Gain and Retain them for life as loyal customers.

Brand Desire - case studies

ITC Grand Central
itc central

ITC Hotels

India's Leading Luxury Hotel - ITC Hotels
'Remembering Bombay' a brand desire initiative for ITC Grand Central, Mumbai.

ITC Grand Maratha
ITC Grand Maratha

ITC Hotels

India's Leading Luxury Hotel - ITC Hotels
'Living Maharashtra' a brand desire initiative for ITC Maratha, Mumbai.

Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty
Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty

Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Pvt Ltd

Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd (JH Ltd) is the leading player in the hair and beauty segment. Founded by Jawed Habib a renowned Hair Stylist and Expert of Indian origin.

Sonari Lingerie
Sonari Lingerie

Shalibhadra Fashion Pvt Ltd

Sonari is a lingerie brand existing in the Indian market for over 40 years through retail hosiery shops. It is claimed to be the most preferred product when it comes to ‘Comfort for Indian Women’.

Food Factory
Food Factory

Mardi Gras Restaurants Pvt Ltd

Food Factory a unit of Mardi Grass started its operation in 2002. Marketing themselves as an Italian Fast Food joint selling traditional round pizza along with imported Italian pasta, salads, snacks, desserts and beverages.

Bodycare Creations
Bodycare Creations

The brand name “Bodycare” is a well known name in an innerwear industry all over India and overseas. Bodycare creations is owned by Mr. Sanjay Dawar, a man with high ambitions and strength, always designed the product keeping comfort and quality in mind.

Bright Brothers India Ltd

Divo a hairbrush company imported 42 brushes from international market and wanted to launch its range of products in the Indian hairbrush/comb category.

Creative Portfolio

Brand: Hairyoga
Service: Head Massage
Client: Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd
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Brand: Body Active
Product: Sportswear
Client: Bodycare Creations Pvt Ltd
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Body Active
Brand: Bodycare
Product: Women Innerwear
Client: Bodycare Creations Pvt Ltd
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Brand: Air
Product: Women Innerwear
Client: Shalibhadra Trading Company
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Air women innerwear
Brand: Hamara Barter
Service: Barter Exchange
Client: Barter Pvt Ltd
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Hamara Barter
Brand: Anuspa
Product: Anuspa Natural Soap
Client: Anuspa Heritage Pvt Ltd
View Portfolio
Brand: Anuved
Product: Divine Natural Soaps
Client: Anuspa Heritage Pvt Ltd
View Portfolio
Brand: Blush
Product: Women Innerwear
Client: Shalibhadra Trading Company
View Portfolio
Brand: Hairxpreso
Product: Hair & Beauty Salon
Client: Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd
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Brand: Salient
Product: Women Innerwear
Client: Simandhar Trading Company
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Brand: Feyme
Product:Beauty Soap
Client: Anuspa Heritage Pvt Ltd
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Brand: Shikakai
Product: Hair Soap
Client: Anuspa Heritage Pvt Ltd
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